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Ivor Goldberg

Maurice Chernick

Ronen Kozokaro

Piotr Jordan

Steve Rose

Ruth Corney

SHIR - "song, poem" in Hebrew

"No wedding or Barmitzvah is complete without Shir"
Dan Patterson
(Bar/Bat Mitzvah client and Creator/producer of
Mock The Week and Whose Line Is It Anyway)

"Shir provides a harmony of shalom and happiness,
and combines virtuosity with
Felix Benasully - Torremolinos, Spain

Happy 68th Birthday Israel
Yom Ha'atzmaut 2016

Shir sing for Israel Summer 2014
Click for video

Hope to see you at one of the following
Independence Day celebrations that we'll be playing at:

Wed 11/5 - Belsize Square Synagogue
Thur 12/5 morning - UJIA Business Breakfast
Thur 12/5 - Kingston Synagogue
Fri 13/5 - West London Synagogue
Come say hello if you're there.

Intermezzo lunchtime concert series
New North London Synagogue
26 May 1pm

Watch our Simcha Dance videos

Hana'ava Babanot live at WLS

Adio Querida at Mill Hill Music Festival

CD "Metziah" Special 
Set of all 3 Shir CDs - £25 inc p&p
From The Heart, Israeli Songs and Ashk'farad
buy here

Devotedly Buoyant At Abos - Then and Now
Archive recording

Jewish News Online - Interview with Maurice and Ivor

Ivor's cyber-interview with ARC Music
read here


About Shir
Shir is the complete Jewish music group:
Klezmer, Israeli, Yiddish, Sephardi, Mizrachi, Ladino and Simcha music.

Formed in 1997 by Maurice Chernick, the group has become a major force on the UK Jewish music scene performing concerts and fulfilling the original function of the Klezmorim – entertaining at Simchas - Jewish parties.

Coming from different musical backgrounds (classical, jazz and gypsy folk), the five musicians of SHIR meet to provide a spontaneous, energetic and soulful musical experience.

Shir attempts to be as true as possible to the original sound of the Klezmorim using acoustic instruments and drawing on the original Klezmer, Traditional, Yiddish and Sephardi repertoire,
while at the same time catering for more “up to date” tastes in Jewish music with popular Israeli folk and dance tunes.

The musicians of Shir

Israel Parade 2013

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