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Atmospheric background Jewish music (Klezmer/Israeli/Ladino/Yiddish)

Usually played acoustically depending on the size of the hall.


Simcha dance set 1 - 20 mins - Bar Mitzvah / Bat Mitzvah up on a chair, Siman Tov etc.

If we feel it is necessary to “help” the dancers, we will get on the floor and guide (not Led Israeli)



(The Jewish Caileigh)

Dance set 2 can be “Led Israeli” - popular Israeli folk dances led and called by our dance leader.

Circle, partner and line dances.

This brings everyone together and especially popular if there are non-Jewish guests. 

Dances include Od Lo Ahavti Dai, Yesh Lanu Tayish, Od Yavo Shalom / Salaam.



Combine the best in live Jewish music

with the best DJs for the

complete Jewish music / Pop music package.



Welcoming the guests into the dinner hall with gentle atmospheric music, gradually building to a Simcha dance “groove” and welcoming you into the hall for the first dance set.

Background music during meal - a selection of atmospheric Jewish/Israeli/Ladino music, both live and recorded.

(We are very sensitive to volume and know that guests need to be able to hear each other talking)


Top quality DJ services provided by

MaxMarcus Events.

Supply your own playlist.

The team can also supply dance floor, stage and room lighting.

Visit Max Marcus Events here


We can also supply any of the following:

Staging, Audio Visual, Photo Booths, Backdrops

Laser Shows, Furnishings, Carpet, Bar Tables,

Party Furniture, Confetti Canons and more.


Bar Mitzvah Sample Running Order 1
(Sunday night with early finish)

Buffet / Tables

5:30       Reception - Shir play background

6:30       Dance set 1 - free Simcha, chairs etc.

6:50       Welcome speech / Hamotzi etc

7:00       Dinner, buffet

7:45       Dance set 2 - Led Israeli

8:15       Speeches and family musical performance

8:45       Dessert - Shir Background music

9:10       Dance set 3 - Led Israeli into Disco

9:30       Disco

10:30     End

Bar Mitzvah Sample Running Order 2
(Sunday night)

Bowl food

6:00    Reception - Shir play background

7:00    Simcha Dance set – chairs etc

7:20    Welcome speech

7:30    Food - (Bowl food)

8:30    Speeches

8:50    Led Dance set 1

9:15    Dessert – choc fountain

           Disco starts

9:40    Led Dance set 2

10:00  Disco

11:00  End


Bar Mitzvah Sample Running Order 3
(Saturday night - late start)

Buffet / Tables

7       Reception - upstairs. Shir play acoustic background music

7:40  Down to dinner - Simcha set - 5 mins of free, then Led.

8       Welcome speech - your hosts, Louise & Robert

Hamotzi by Jeremy Hillman

         Dinner - Background music live/recorded

8:50  Led set

9:15  Speeches​

9:30  Dessert - Background music live/recorded

9.40  Grace after meals 

9:45  Led set

10     Disco

11     End

Complete Jewish Music

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