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Procession Music for the Chuppah (Jewish Wedding Ceremony)

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The most dramatic and anticipated part of any wedding ceremony is at the very beginning: the Procession to the Chuppah by the Bride, Groom, their Parents, Bridesmaids and Siblings.
So of course the music must be suitable and personal.

We always emphasise that the songs chosen by the couple should be meaningful for them, which inevitably leads to some interesting and challenging choices.

We have played a wide variety of songs for Brides and Grooms over the years – Traditional Jewish, Hebrew versions of songs from musicals, Israeli, Pop, Rock and even the Champions League Theme!

We once played a Groom in at London Zoo to a klezmer version of Guns n’ Roses “Sweet Child of Mine”!!

We usually suggest 3 songs/pieces at the most – Bride, Groom and the other processors, but 2 songs can be enough (definitely one specifically for the Bride).

Often the Groom decides not to Process and to just position himself under the Chuppah waiting for his Bride.

Depending on the length of the walk up, the song can last anything from 30 secs to I.5 minutes, rarely longer, so it’s often just a verse and chorus of a song that is played.

If the Bedeken is on the aisle there may be a pause as the Groom comes towards his Bride to check it is really her!!

The Bride’s song is also often used for the Circling as well, which comes immediately after her arrival under the Chuppah.

Have a look at this list of song choices from past ceremonies. The choices are interesting, diverse and reflect the personalities and backgrounds of the couples.

You can hear them here on Spotify

You can also listen to some of our most popular Jewish traditional songs here, and watch some of them here.

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