From The Heart

Klezmer, Yiddish, Israeli


Israeli Songs

Vocals and Instrumentals



Klezmer and Ladino


Wedding Ceremony - Chuppah songs


"Metzia" special - All 3 Shir CDs for £25 inc P&P (UK only) - see below


"From The Heart"

Klezmer, Yiddish, Israeli

£10 inc P&P (UK)


"Israeli Songs"

Israeli Vocals and Instrumentals

£10 inc P&P (UK)



Klezmer, Ladino

£10 inc P&P (UK)


Chanuka "Metzia" special.

All 3 Shir CDs for £25.00 inc P&P (UK only)

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"Israeli Songs" reviews on Amazon

Traditional tunes, well performed

"I wanted a good CD of Israeli folk tunes. I picked the song "Dror Yikra" more or less at random as my sample, then listened to basically every recording of that song in the Amazon inventory. This CD, "Israeli Songs", stood out. I was looking for traditional melody, well performed, with minimal embellishment (showy vocals, live audience, etc).

This CD delivers. The rest of the tracks are equally good."

Five Stars

"Excellent CD du début à la fin ! Je le recommande sans réserve"

"From The Heart" review on Amazon

Moving & Enjoyable !

Took a punt on buying this CD after previously hearing some Klezmer music. Very pleased with what I heard - very soulful and enjoyable - CD contains fast and slow music. Not a duff track on the CD and it's played very often. Expand your horizons and enjoy the emotion.

"Ashk'farad" review on Amazon

Sheer excellence!

Well done on yet another beautiful album.... High quality musicianship with lots of heart... great recording/production too...

buy this, you won't be disappointed!

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