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Roxanna and Zac Persian Jewish wedding band photo by Adam & Hannah Photography

Wedding of Roxanna and Zac

Luton Hoo Walled Garden – July 2019

Roxanna’s and Zac’s Ashk’fardi Jewish Wedding took place at the Luton Hoo Walled Garden on a blisteringly hot summer’s day last July.

It’s always interesting when a wedding has a meeting of cultures. Here it was Roxanna’s Persian Sefardi heritage meeting Zac’s Ashkenazi background, and the couple requested music to reflect that union.

We brought Zac in to the Sefardi favourite “Yismach Chatani”, followed by his siblings and bridesmaids.

Roxanna requested Sefardi music plus 2 special Persian favourites – Gol Berizin for her procession across the lawn with her parents to the Bedekin ceremony (before arriving at the Chuppah), and Shah Doomad after the smashing of the glass to end the ceremony.

Rabbi David Mason from Muswell Hill conducted the ceremony with a wonderful Sefardi Sheva Brachot by (Sefardi) Rabbi Shlomo Elituv

After “Sha Doomad” we Ashkenized the music with those wedding favourites – “Siman Tov”, “Ho Ho Keitzad Merakdim”, “Chosen Kalah Mazaltov” etc

For the reception, which took place on the lawn next to the marquee, we played songs from our Ashk’fardi repertoire.

Mazal Tov Roxanna and Zac!

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